Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Equipment

Coming home on Friday I stopper at Pickers, a local indoor flea market. Wandering around I found a Zojirushi BBCC-X20 2lb bread machine. I have lusted over one of these for a long time but at over $200 I've balked.

So imagine my surprise on asking the price to be quoted $25.00. Whipped out my wallet and paid cash before they could change their mind. Machine is super clean and does not look like it has had much use at all.

So today took it for a test run with Max's flax seed artisan bread. Think I got the dough just a little wet but the end result looks inviting.

Certainly find this machine quieter than my West Bend machine. Remains to be seen which one is the best, but since I use my machines a lot, will probably alternate for a while. Will make baking challah easier as I usually bake four loaves at a time, but can only get two loaves from one machine. So now I can make two batches of dough simultaneously.