Sunday, July 2, 2017


Got motivated today as yesterday's birthday gifts included two 5qt Lodge Dutch Ovens. These have the side handles on the lid, so you can use them upside down. Should be much easier to place the loaf on the lid and then cover with the oven. More information.

The Bread

Had too much going on the day before so was unable to refresh my levain and build a starter and overnight loaf, so I made it easy with Ken Forkish's Saturday White Bread, from Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast. Substituted 10% Whole Wheat to give a little more fiber and flavor.

Found the new Dutch Ovens easy to use and very pleased with the final result.
Saturday White Bread with 10% Whole Wheat

And yet another 

Had a desire for something sweet. One of my favorite breads when eating at an Indian Restaurant is Peshwari Naan.  Also known as Pashawari Naan, it is named after the region on India where it originated. This is Naan stuffed with raisins, nuts and spices.

For the filling, I used raisins, pine nuts, dried coconut with cardamon and mace. Ground them to a course mix in a small food processor.

The recipe came from an internet search.The basic Naan bread is rolled out into a circle, the chopped filling put on top, then the edges folded over like an envelope. The package is then turned over and rolled out into a rough circle or teardrop shape.

Baking is under the broiler, so watching for the desired level of 'brown' is important.

Naan rolled out
Filling added

Folded up

Final shape

 Finished Peshwari Naan

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